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The Language of Flowers: Symbolism and Meaning in Floral Jewellery

Flowers have been cherished symbols of love, friendship, and new beginnings for centuries. Their significance lies not just in their transient beauty but in the timeless emotions they invoke. 🌼

The Eternal Bond between Flowers and Emotions

From love’s tender first bloom to the comforting embrace of friendship, flowers have always been our silent messengers, conveying emotions words often cannot. Who hasn't felt the magic of presenting a rose to a beloved or leaving forget-me-nots as gentle tokens of lasting memories?

In this piece, we journey through the world of flowers that find their way into our exquisite jewellery, revealing their hidden meanings and stories.

Iconic Flowers in Jewellery: Their Meanings and Our Collection


The symbol of purity and innocence. A daisy is more than just a pretty face; it echoes the pristine and untouched spirit within. Our Handmade Daisy Jewellery reflects this sentiment, beautifully crafted in sterling silver and gold, capturing the untainted essence of those who wear it.


Representing grace and inner strength. Dahlias stand tall with their radiant petals, reminiscent of those who proudly wear their resilience and elegance. Our Dahlia Jewellery Collection, especially the Dahlia Stud Earrings in sterling silver with green tourmaline or pink tourmaline options, is a testament to this enduring grace.


A beacon of new beginnings and unmatched joy. With their bright yellow petals, daffodils herald the promise of spring, offering hope and joy. Our Daffodil Jewellery, including the charming Mini Daffodil Pendant, is a beautiful emblem of embracing hope in every chapter of life.


Synonymous with romance and prosperity. These lush blooms are a keepsake of lasting love and the promise of a rich life, both in experience and emotion. Our Peony Collection, featuring items such as the Peony Bud Stud Earrings available in sterling silver or 22ct gold vermeil, captures the very essence of these sentiments.

Symbolism and meaning behind floral jewellery - Peony Stud Earrings | Amanda Coleman Jewellery

Sweet Peas

Marking fleeting youth and the passion for new adventures. The delicate, sweet pea flowers remind us of the transient beauty of moments and the importance of seizing them. Wearing our Sweet Pea Necklace in sterling silver and gold is akin to holding onto these precious moments and celebrating the vibrant adventures of youth.

Forget Me Nots

A name as poignant as its sentiment, the Forget Me Not is a flower steeped in legend and longing. These dainty blooms, with their delicate blue petals, serve as a touching reminder of memories that refuse to fade, love stories that echo through time, and bonds that remain unbroken despite life's ebb and flow. Our Forget Me Not Flower Pendant, crafted in silver with a hint of gold plate, is a wearable ode to such enduring memories. Each time it rests against your skin, it whispers tales of yesteryears, treasured moments, and cherished souls, ensuring that memories, much like the flower's name, are never forgotten.


A captivating symbol of happiness and hope. Sunflowers, with their vibrant golden-yellow petals facing the sun, radiate positivity, vitality and vibrant energies. Our Sunflower Collection channels this unyielding optimism into your everyday life. Handcrafted in sterling silver or 22ct gold vermeil, the Sunflower With Stalk Necklace is designed so that you can spread joy through the intricate details, mirroring the beauty of the actual flowers. Each piece of our Sunflower jewellery is crafted to spread sunshine and uplift the soul. 

Symbolism and meaning of floral jewellery - New Sunflower With Stalk Necklace | Amanda Coleman Jewellery

Precious Metals and Vibrant Stones

Our jewellery is not just about flowers. It's about merging nature's beauty with the brilliance of amethyst, aquamarine's calm, and citrine's radiance. In every piece of floral jewellery lies a story – of love, dreams, and moments that define us. So, why wait? Immerse yourself in the language of flowers and wear your story with pride.


What materials are used in the floral jewellery collection?

  • Our collection boasts a range of materials from 925 sterling silver to 22ct gold vermeil and mixed metals.

Do you offer sets in the floral jewellery range?

  • Absolutely! We offer matching sets that include rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for a cohesive look.

Which flowers feature prominently in the collection?

  • Our collection spotlights a range of flowers, including daisies, dahlias, peonies, sweet peas, daffodils, and more.

Is every piece in the collection handmade?

  • Yes, each piece in our flower jewellery collection is delicately handmade, ensuring a unique and special touch.