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Celestial Jewellery for Zodiac Lovers

Stars, moons, and constellations – our celestial canopy has intrigued and inspired for aeons. The skies don't just dazzle us with their vastness and beauty; they also echo tales of our personalities, destinies, and passions. 🌌

The Mystique of Stars, Moons, and Suns 

Across generations, these celestial entities have inspired tales of romance, ambition, and adventure. And while they might seem distant, they've always been intrinsically linked to our essence. The allure of the zodiac, the pull of a horoscope, resonates deeply with the human spirit.

Come, meander through our galaxy ofcelestial jewellery crafted meticulously to echo the ethereal charm of the universe.

Amanda Coleman Jewellery - Sun, Moon, Star necklace

The Sun:

A symbol of vitality and life force, the sun represents a new dawn, growth, and energy. Its brilliant rays embody warmth, positivity, and optimism. In jewellery, the sun serves as a reminder of hope, illuminating the path even in the darkest times. Its golden glow is an emblem of inner strength and the vibrant spirit within us all.

The Moon: 

Mysterious and soothing, the moon epitomises cycles, change, and rebirth. Its waxing and waning phases mirror life's ebbs and flows. As a guardian of the night, the moon stands for introspection, dreams, and the deep, unspoken emotions that dance beneath our surfaces. To wear a piece of moon-inspired jewellery is to embrace one's intuition, sensitivity, and the beautiful duality of nature.

The Stars: 

Eternal and distant yet closely tied to our destinies. Stars signify hope, guidance, and the infinite possibilities of the universe. They've been our ancient navigation tools, guiding travellers and dreamers alike. Star-themed jewellery captures the essence of aspirations, reminding the wearer of their limitless potential and the vast expanse of dreams waiting to be realised.

With these ethereal symbols, our celestial jewellery doesn't just adorn; it tells tales, evokes emotions, and bridges the terrestrial and the astral. 

Dazzling Collections: Their Significance and Spotlighted Pieces

Moon Stud Earrings 

A gentle ode to the ever-watchful guardian of the night, these earrings, available in 925 sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil, are reminiscent of the moon's soothing embrace.

Amanda Coleman Jewellery - Moon Stud Earrings

Star Stud Earrings 

Capture the magic of a star-studded night with these beautifully crafted earrings. Whether in sterling silver or gold vermeil, they promise to be the twinkle in your eye.

Sun Moon And Star Necklace 

A harmonious blend of the universe's most iconic symbols. This necklace is an emblem of balance – the sun's vitality, the moon's serenity, and the star's hope.

Star Ring &Moon Ring 

Deck your fingers with the cosmic dance of stars and moons. These rings, available in silver and gold vermeil, tell tales of nights spent star-gazing and days basking in moonlit dreams.

Sun Moon And Stars Charm Bracelet 

A piece that binds the universe to your wrist. Every charm holds a story, every bead a memory of the cosmos' vast expanse.

Amanda Coleman Jewellery - Sun, Moon, Stars Charm Bracelet

Moon Hoop Earrings &Sun Hoop Earrings 

Circular, endless, and eternal – much like the orbits of our celestial guardians. These earrings, whether embracing the moon's mystique or the sun's radiance, are a testament to the universe's undying allure.

Sun Moon And Stars Cluster Earrings & Bangle 

Clusters that encapsulate the galaxy's wonders. These pieces, curated with the finest attention to detail, are a symphony of the sun's warmth, the moon's glow, and the stars' sparkle.

Sun, Moon, and Star Pendants with Beads 

Dainty, elegant, and profoundly symbolic. Adorned with beads, these pendants are like whispered secrets from the universe, ready to nestle close to your heart.

More Than Just Ornaments 

Our celestial collection isn't merely about adornments. It merges the mysteries of the cosmos with the brilliance of sterling silver and the warmth of gold vermeil. Within every trinket lies a story – of nights under starlit skies, dreams woven around the moon's glow, and days lit by the sun's golden embrace. Dive deep into this astral narrative and wear the universe close to your heart.


  • What materials feature in the celestial collection? 

Our celestial range showcases pieces crafted in925 sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil.

  • Do you offer matching sets in the celestial range? 

Indeed! For those in love with the cosmos, we provide matching sets encompassing rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

  • Which celestial entities are highlighted in the collection? 

Our collection shines a spotlight on the mesmerising trio – the sun, moon, and stars.

  • Is every jewellery piece in the collection handcrafted? 

Absolutely. Each article in our celestial jewellery assortment is lovingly handmade, offering a unique touch that's as vast and varied as the universe itself.