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Wedding Jewellery: Finding Ideal Pieces on Your Special Day

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfect. This is the day when their lifelong fantasy of walking down the aisle and marrying the man of their dreams becomes a reality. 

The expectation is that everything is just right—and this isn’t limited to wearing the most gorgeous wedding gown or finding the right venue and setting that romantic mood.

Wearing the best wedding jewellery and finest pieces also plays a vital role in the bride looking and feeling her best on her big day. So, for brides-to-be, ensure you find the best jewellery to complete your look.

The task seems daunting, but you can have a lot of fun hunting down certain accessories for your wedding day.

Tiny Bird On A Branch Diamond Necklace In 18ct Gold

The Best Approach to Finding the IdealWedding Jewellery

Accessories can make or break your wedding look. So, just like saying "yes" to the dress, you should also be happy and 100% content with your choice of wedding jewellery. 

These simple tips will help you in your search for the perfect wedding jewellery:

1. Consider Family Heirlooms

Family pieces are extraordinary because each has a unique story passed down across generations. And adding your own story when you wear it on your wedding day makes it all the more special, further extending the legacy. 

Looking through family jewellery with your mum, grandmother, and all the other women in your family can be a wonderful bonding moment for wedding prep.

Choosing family jewellery for your wedding day can also mean preserving a family tradition or starting a new one. And zero expense is involved, which is just a great bonus!

2. First, Say Yes to the Dress

Before you begin shopping for jewellery pieces, it is best to finalise your wedding dress and even your reception look. This will make choosing your accessories much more straightforward—after all, your dress is the centrepiece of the whole event and the one that everyone is looking forward to.

As much as possible, get all other wedding details in order before you even think about jewellery. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding in a gorgeous garden full of greenery and blooms, you can look for flower-themed pieces to complement your venue.

3. Be Ready to Switch Your Jewellery Around

Always work on the premise that your choice of jewellery pieces must be versatile. This means that if your statement earrings are mostly obscured during the ceremony, you can give them a well-deserved moment during the reception. But if not, that’s alright, too.

Remember that your jewellery is meant to complement your look and help create a cohesive aesthetic. No matter how striking and proud you are of your accessories, they should not take the spotlight from your face and dress.

4. Remember That Less Is Always More

During the wedding ceremony, it’s best to keep everything classy and elegant. You can showcase sparkly and over-the-top pieces at another time.

Choose the finest pieces at your disposal. And you don’t have to hang all sorts of baubles—you can skip on multiple bracelets and just opt for simple stud diamond earrings and a low-key necklace.

Even if you have the most extensive bling collection, accessorising for your wedding day requires careful consideration and a minimalist mindset.

5. Know Your Key Jewellery Statements

All pieces should complement your dress and the rest of your jewellery. For instance, if you plan to wear a highly intricate necklace, balance it withsimple stud earrings. You can even skip earrings altogether.

A single statement piece is more than enough for your big day, like thisBotanical Nest Earringspair. Then, keep the rest of your jewellery minimal. 

New Botanical Nest Earrings With Fern Drop And Labradorite, Ruby Or Kyanite Gemstone

Additionally, if your gown has embellishments incorporated on the waistband or you have a fully beaded bodice, then abarely-there jewellery option could be best. 

6. Consider Jewellery Beyond Your Special Day

Most wedding dresses are just kept in storage for years after the event. In contrast, the ideal wedding jewellery should be pieces that you can still use and enjoy for years to come.

Instead of investing in pieces that are only suitable for special occasions or jewellery you know will spend more time in a box, opt for accessories you would love to wear frequently.

Consider purchasing jewellery that doesn't have a rigid wedding theme. Instead, choose pieces that showcase your personality, have yourfavourite stone, or you know will complement other outfits and suit various occasions. You can also wear jewellery that can be made into family heirlooms or something you'd want to give your daughter in the future. Follow our advice oncaring for your precious gems to ensure your jewellery remains in good condition. 

7. Choose a Good Jeweller

Finally, you will only find ideal wedding jewellery if you shop with the right jeweller. Unless you plan to wear a family heirloom at your wedding, your first step is finding a reputable jeweller with high-quality pieces that match your preferences and overall wedding theme.

It is best to scrutinise the level of craftsmanship and uniqueness that a jeweller invests in its pieces. You'd want this for jewellery you'll wear on your special day. 

Furthermore, your choice of jewellery speaks powerfully about your personality and passions. This is where working with a jeweller who produces top-of-the-line pieces and has decades of experience will be to your advantage.

Amanda Coleman Jewellery - making jewellery

Amanda Coleman Jewellery

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Amanda Coleman’s team understands how their pieces will become part of your life for decades and only creates beautiful and well-cherished pieces suited to be eternal milestones. There is a depth of understanding in their work that is simply incomparable.

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