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Unearthing Elegance: How the Egyptian Deco Collection Merges Ancient Glamour with Modern Style

Embarking on a journey through time and elegance, we unveil the Egyptian Deco Jewellery Collection – a tribute to the intricate artistry of ancient Egypt and the bold geometric flair of the Art Deco design movement. This sustainably handcrafted assortment from the UK brings forth the lustrous beauty of mother of pearl, the timeless grace of freshwater pearls, and the luxurious glow of 22ct gold vermeil. Let us wander through the corridors of history to discover how each piece, from earrings to statement necklaces, marries the whispers of the past with the confidence of the present.

The Inspiration Behind Egyptian Deco Collection

Digging into the sands of time, the Egyptian Deco Collection finds its muse in the rich tapestry of Egyptian civilisation. But what is it about this era that continues to enchant us?

Roots in Ancient Egyptian Art

The ancient Egyptians believed jewellery held magical and protective powers. They adorned themselves not just for aesthetic purposes but to make statements about their identity and status. It's this profound connection between beauty and meaning that inspires our collection.

Symbolism in Egyptian Jewellery

The ancient Egyptians were master storytellers, and their jewellery was their parchment. Each symbol carried a narrative that spoke of their values, beliefs, and aspirations. This intricate language of symbols has been reawakened in our Egyptian Deco Collection, weaving the past's mystique with the present's aesthetic.

Scarabs: The Beetle of Rebirth

The scarab beetle, an emblem deeply entrenched in the Egyptian psyche, represented transformation and rebirth. It was likened to the sun god Ra's journey across the sky, a daily rebirth. The dung beetle, which rolls dung balls across the ground, became a divine symbol as the Egyptians equated this action with the sun's movement. In our collection, the scarab is not just a motif; it's a promise of a new dawn, a new beginning, every time it adorns the wearer.

Ankh: The Key of Life

The ankh, resembling a cross with a loop at the top, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that read "life." Often held by the gods, it represented the concept of eternal life, the kind of immortality that every pharaoh aspired to achieve. Our pieces featuring the ankh are more than mere accessories; they are talismans that carry the whispers of immortality, a link between the wearer and the eternal.

The Eye of Horus: A Protective Gaze

The Eye of Horus, also known as the Wadjet, was a powerful protective symbol believed to provide health, safety, and wisdom. It is the eye that survived conflict, representing healing and protection. The stories tell of Horus, the sky god, whose eye was injured in a battle of good versus evil and was miraculously restored. In our collection, the Eye of Horus is not only a protective emblem but a statement of resilience and healing, a protective charm for those who wear it.

These symbols, intricately incorporated into our Egyptian Deco Jewellery, do more than just decorate. They carry the essence of an ancient civilisation's soul, beliefs, and artistry, allowing the wearer to showcase a piece of history with elegance and grace. When you choose a piece from this collection, you're not just selecting jewellery; you're embracing centuries of tradition and the heartfelt stories that have transcended time to reach us today.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Just as the Egyptians meticulously sourced materials like gold and lapis lazuli, we chose mother of pearl and freshwater pearls for their lustre and opulence. Each handcrafted item from the collection echoes the Egyptian ethos of creating beauty that lasts through the ages.

Fusion in Jewellery: A Tale of Two Eras

When the past meets the present in jewellery, the result is timeless. Our collection takes a leaf-shaped mother of pearl and frames it with clean lines of gold vermeil, a nod to both the lotus motifs of the Nile and the streamlined symmetry of Art Deco skyscrapers.

Spotlight on the Collection

Now, let's take a moment to adore some standouts from this remarkable collection.

Statement Pieces with Mother of Pearl

Our Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Statement Necklace (£550) isn't just an accessory; it's a centrepiece. It's where millennia-old grandeur and the spirit of the 1920s come into play.

Harmony in Pearls and Gold

The Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Necklace with Freshwater Pearls (£238) whispers of luxury that's never loud but always heard. It's the subtle strength of Cleopatra met with the poised elegance of a 20th-century diva.

Pendants: A Drop of Timelessness

With options like the Large Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Pendant (£82) and the Small Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Pendant(£40), these pieces offer a glimpse into a golden yesteryear, made for the modern connoisseur.

Earrings: Echoes of Elegance

The Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Statement Earrings (£275) mirror the awe of ancient temple columns and the dazzle of Art Deco theatres, while the Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Hook Earrings (£125) and the Small Egyptian Deco Mother of Pearl Stud Earrings (£70) capture the essence of the era's splendour in a whisper.


Wearing the Collection: A Modern-Day Pharaoh

Donning a piece from the Egyptian Deco Collection isn't just about wearing jewellery. It's about cloaking oneself in history, art, and a story. It's for those who carry the past and stride into the future.

The Sustainability Aspect

Handmade with care and consideration, every item in this collection not only preserves the elegance of the eras it represents but also the integrity of our present world.


The Egyptian Deco Jewellery Collection stands as a testament to the art of blending histories and styles, creating pieces that are both a nod to the past and a stride towards the future. It is an invitation to adorn oneself in jewellery that tells a story, jewellery that is an heirloom in the making, poised to traverse generations with its timeless appeal.

Let this collection be your connection to the epochs that have shaped beauty standards and your statement in the narrative of modern elegance.