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A message from Amanda

"So, over the last few years, I have found myself being increasingly concerned with the way the world is going. I love nature, I love the natural world, I love humans (well, some of them), I love animals. I am a dreamer by nature, I escape into my little worlds. This is why I love creating, it's an escape from reality and my jewellery is there to inspire this but I have become increasingly sad by the reality that is facing the natural world and the consequences that holds for us as humans.

Now, I really don't want to be seen as virtue signalling, I think anyone who knows me well, knows how involved I become in causes and the passion I feel is genuine. My desire to help comes from a good place and as such I have found that increasingly my time has drifted away from making jewellery to working on non-profitable projects where I know my experience and expertise can help.

I have now found myself in a position where the time is right for my passionately held beliefs and desire to make the world a better place will meet with the passion I have for making and running my jewellery business.

We have chosen a few charities/organisations that we wish to support as a business by donating 5% from each sale to - whether it is wholesale or retail sale. This is new territory to us so we are initially rolling this out with a few collections and seeing how it works. We have paired up the following collections with the following charities/organisations:

Seafaring - Plastic Oceans UK

Country Garden - Friends of the Earth

Rousseau - Rainforest Foundation UK

Tropical (including the Dodo) - The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Dog Walking - The Dogs Trust

I hope that you, our customers will get on board with this initiative and know that your purchases are helping to make the world a better place - not just by supporting a small creative business but also with the small donations we are able to make at Amanda Coleman Jewellery with each sale. It all must help."