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The Symbolism of Animal Jewellery: Discover the Meaning Behind Your Favourite Creatures

Wearing animal-inspired jewellery is nothing new. Though you won't see gold or silver chains with intricate pendants in prehistoric times, it’s been done for thousands of years. Mankind started with more natural and raw materials like bone necklaces and teeth from their hunts. They also used teeth, shells, and pearls.

Since animals are associated with specific traits, craftsmen also create jewellery in the shape of animals. In Egypt, for instance, golden scarab beetles signify the cycle of life from birth, life, passing, and resurrection. 

Nowadays, our choice of jewellery has become an expression of ourselves. Instead of opting for a traditional heart charm bracelet or a pendant with a precious stone in the middle, many prefer animal-themed jewellery.

Whether your choice of animal jewellery stems from your love for a specific animal or you see it as a reflection of yourself, you can get creative with timeless pieces from Amanda Coleman Jewellery.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common animal jewellery and the meanings behind them.

Animal Jewellery and Their Symbolism

The most common choices for jewellery are dogs, cats, and birds. Many times, they are beloved pets that have changed the lives of their owners. While others prefer one animal over another because of the significance of that particular animal in their lives, others use these animals as a form of empowerment and as a reminder of what these animals represent in real life.

Amanda Coleman’s animal-themed collection includes some of these animal jewellery. Knowing their meaning can help you feel empowered and add value to these items. 

Spider Monkey

Spider monkeys are easily recognised because of their long, thin arms and legs as well as their equally long and dexterous tails. These social and intelligent animals are considered sacred in the Mayan civilisation. They represent creativity, life, and celebrations.

Having a pair of unique spider monkey earrings is a sparkly reminder that you should always embrace the good and the bad in your life and celebrate everything that comes your way.


In many cultures, whales represent new beginnings. Today, it also symbolises hope since blue whales are in a fight to survive extinction. Additionally, whales represent lasting and enduring love because whales mate for life.

hand-painted whale pendant

hand-painted whale pendant is an ideal gift if you want to give hope and love to someone special. It can also be used as a pendant that reminds you to remain optimistic throughout all the struggles you’re going through.


In the Bible, the stag represents God's power. In addition, it has always been associated with nobility and power. Today, with its impressive crown of antlers, the beautiful and mysterious stag is associated with stamina and grace, virility and spiritual guidance, resilience, and strength.

Stags are animals often associated with renewal and rebirth. During autumn, they shed their antlers. By spring, their antlers regrow, marking a new beginning as they usher in a new season. This Stag and Fern Ring can give you encouragement when you are feeling a little down.


A typical animal in legends and folklore, seahorses, with their pretty appearances, represent charm, luck, and chance. Unknown to many, seahorses can also change their colours like chameleons for survival. An interesting fact about seahorses is they are one of the more vulnerable creatures of the sea despite having tough exoskeletons.

Woman wearing a seahorse pendant necklace around her neck

This is a good reminder that you may display a tough bravado but also have your vulnerabilities. Seahorses are also a good representation of enduring love because they are monogamous and choose their partners for life. If you know someone steady, loyal, and robust, aseahorse pendant and double seahorse drop earrings make suitable gifts.


If you love the sea deeply, a starfish pendant is another animal jewellery option. These animals represent undying love, resilience, and strength. Some cultures believe it also provides direction and protection, helping you feel that you will always go through life with someone and never be alone.

As spirit animals, starfishes are believed to promote creativity and harmony. Having starfish-shaped jewellery can serve as a reminder that everyone is connected and that you should always extend a hand to help others.


In books, swallows are always indicative of good news and positivity. It's one of the flying birds that bring luck and safety. For seafarers, swallows represent hope and long journeys that have been safely completed. These birds mean that the journey back home is almost done.

swallow necklace and earrings are thoughtful gifts for someone dear to you who will soon embark on a new journey. It is for luck, safety, and a stylish piece of animal statement jewellery.


Everyone knows bees are some of the most hardworking insects in the animal kingdom. These buzzing creatures, often associated with fairies, represent focus, diligence, teamwork, and success, with a clear understanding that each has to carry their weight and perform their roles for the survival of their colony.

These buzzing bees can teach you a critical lesson in life: To develop a good work ethic and to always aim for productivity. At the same time, they teach us to pause when needed and smell the flowers. This is a practical reminder that hard work may not always be appreciated, and it may not be enough for a few, but as long as you maintain a work-life balance, you're at the best place possible. For a workaholic friend, a daffodil pendant can serve as your way of showing your appreciation and care.


Final Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine life without animals. They are our companions and provide us with valuable resources that sustain life. By owning animal jewellery, they also become sources of inspiration. After all, animals have a lot of desirable qualities that we can learn to adopt in our journey to become better people. Spider monkeys teach us to enjoy life, whales remind us to have hope, stags represent new beginnings, and seahorses show us what loyalty means.

If you want beautiful animal jewellery that reminds you to be your best self, check out our animal collections at Amanda Coleman.

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