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The Marie Curie Daffodil Jewellery Project- From Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman, is one of the UK’s fastest growing  jewellery designers and she has been busy during the COVID-19 lockdown handcrafting beautiful jewellery to add to her already extensive collection. The Daffodil Collection, designed in collaboration with Marie Curie, and the Almond Blossom Collection helped ring in the true spirit of the season this past spring.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Marie Curie, it is a registered charitable organisation here in the United Kingdom which was established in 1948 and provides care and support to people with terminal illnesses and their families. It is a worthy organisation that everyone here at Amanda Coleman supports wholeheartedly and we are excited to work alongside the Marie Curie organisation in creating a collection of stunningly beautiful jewellery

How The Project Got Started

Hi, my name is Amanda Coleman and I am the founder of Amanda Coleman Jewellery. I have been designing and crafting jewellery for over 20 years and have built my company with the vision of offering beautiful handcrafted jewellery that any woman would love to own. I believe in giving back to the community and our company works alongside many charitable organisations throughout the UK.


I worked with Joanna Mazotta who works within creative new product development and buying at Marie Curie. I met Joanna Mazotta at a trade show in September 2019 and we discussed working together to develop some daffodil jewellery for the charity Marie Curie. Over the next few months we worked laterally to create a range of jewellery that had my distinctive style and attention to detail but would also fit in with Marie Curie’s customer base. Joanna was really keen to bring in some handmade UK products that were a bit more design led than what the charity was used to. We agreed on price points and a range plan and the collection was born.

In Spring 2020, we launched our Marie Curie’s daffodil jewellery collection in both their catalogue and online. I personally really love the challenge of working to customers specific briefs with regard to the price points and designs but still being given the freedom to develop the range very much within my own style. What’s more, 5% of every online sale from the Daffodils collection will be donated to Marie Curie to help them help those who need it most.

Joanna Mazotta stated, "Quality in every sense when developing a portfolio of bespoke products is key and attention to detail in terms of the packaging, design detailing, materials used I feel is essential. Products that have meaning and connect to a brands core values is also an important factor.  Amanda was a fantastic designer to collaborate with and her understanding and appreciation of nature within her beautiful work was a perfect fit I was looking for."

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