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Amanda Coleman’s Fine And 'One Of A Kinds' Jewellery Collection



Known for her beautifully detailed designs and elegantly styled jewellery, Amanda Coleman has created an all new jewellery collection just in time for the autumn/winter season. Her Fine and 'One Of A Kinds' Jewellery Collection is the result of over 3 years of diligence and hard work. From inspiration and initial design, to sourcing the highest quality gemstones from all over the world, to finally developing the range and the global launch, the Fine and 'One Of A Kinds' Jewellery Collection embodies Amanda Coleman’s creativity and design aesthetic.


The Natural Beauty Of Dimminsdale

18ct Gold Dimminsdale Pools Diamond Necklace

 The inspiration for my Fine And 'One Of A Kinds' Jewellery Collection came from the year ‘round natural beauty of the Dimminsdale. One of my favourite places to relax and become one with nature, the reserve is well known for its incredible display of snowdrop flowers which blanket the ground in white in both late winter and early spring. I grew up near Dimminsdale and often spent my days exploring the beautiful grounds.

The unique beauty of Dimminsdale is a result of the 200 years of lead and limestone mining which took place there. The areas from which the minerals were mined are now filled with water creating the serene pools. It’s this combination of natural and manmade beauty that makes Dimminsdale so magical and that has given me the inspiration I needed to create my line of jewellery using blue and green rose cut tourmalines.

 The inspiration I gained from Dimminsdale has grown into the beautiful range of handmade jewellery you see before you in the images below. Using silver, solid 18ct gold, diamonds, and other precious stones, I have created a truly one-of-a-kind range worthy of any modern woman’s jewellery collection.


My Fine And 'One Of A Kinds' Jewellery Collection includes a wide selection of original earrings, necklaces, and rings, handcrafted in silver or solid 18ct gold with sparkly diamonds and gems. Perfect for an upscale event, wedding, or engagement, or to add style to your everyday look, these uniquely designed pieces are becoming instant collectables.


18ct Gold, Entwined Vine Ring - Treble Twine



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