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Handmade statement necklaces - A bold choice to make a statement

Handmade statement necklaces-A bold choice to make a statement

Ever got awe-stuck at a piece of jewellery that you forgot to look at the dress of your favourite influencer?If yes, you're bewitched by the statement jewellery. A jewellery brings your outfit together, adds the missing spark, completes your look, and gives you a chic glam vibe. It makes a statement about your personality and brings your A-game in front of your audience.

Handmade statement jewelleryallows you to express yourself to the world. It is unique, bold, and portrays the wearer's personality. Statement jewellery has been a part of history.  Ancient civilisations have adorned statement pieces for various ceremonies and rituals to showcase their belief in the divine. Continuing those age-old traditions, to this day, we see an influence of statement necklaces and other jewellery pieces on the wearer and their beliefs.

Statement necklaces like thehandmade flower necklaces have the power to bring a simple shirt or a dress to life. It is designed to have maximum fun一 when you mix and match with your outfits. From nature-inspired necklaces of silver and gold to statement earrings, a piece of jewelry can transform your outfit from a simple to a fabulous and bold one.

Choose your handmade necklace wisely


The beauty of statement necklaces is that it projects you into the limelight. You can pull off an outfit with confidence and sheen by simply adding this statement jewellery piece.

There is a wide range ofstatement jewellery/necklaces to choose from, and pair it with your stylish outfits. However, it is essential to introspect your likings before choosing a statement piece. Floral necklaces go with almost all kinds of dresses ranging from a simple white shirt to an elegant party dress. The gold-plated statement necklaces give your attire a shimmering effect.

If you are dressing in a gorgeous outfit, with a romantic and feminine vibe; don't forget to add a statement necklace with an enchanted art piece dangling brilliantly.

Allow your statement necklace to take center stage

When you plan to flaunt your statement necklace to accentuate your neckline, less is more! To ensure that your necklace makes a statement, try to keep your outfit a tone lower to your necklace. 

Adding your outfit as a backdrop to yourstatement jewellery, like a black dress, would perfectly let your necklace make a bold statement. It is better to take trials before the final event so that you vibe the way you want! 

Ensure not to accessorize too much. Try forming combinations around your statement necklaces; in doing so, you will prevent people getting carried away by other pieces of accessories. Choose one thing to accentuate your looks and walk with elegance to rule your day. 

Flower necklace to make your neckline look adorable


Nature-inspired flower necklaces look best with a deep neckline. If you want your necklace to do all the talking,  this is the right time to add some statement pieces. Go for v-necks, off-shoulders, or strapless dresses as covered  necklines will shadow the glow of your beautiful silver or gold necklace. In short, it will kill your look. The eye-catchingdaisy necklace would do wonders on neutral tones of outfits.

Look Gorgeous in No Time

Our wide range of statement jewellery fits your style and makes you look fabulous.  Statement necklaces can express themselves in any situation and  lend you a gorgeous look in no time. A little thought into planning your jewellery and  a little rehearsal with your outfit will make you the best on your day!