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Gemstones for Every Month: A Guide to Jewellery Birthstones

Jewellery is one of the most popular heirlooms. It's also an excellent gift for milestones like 18th birthdays and engagements. What makes jewellery extra special is you can personalise it to reflect your feelings towards the person you are giving it to.

At the same time, those who invest in jewellery for themselves can also highlight their personality and individuality through the pieces they select. One of the most accessible options is to buy jewellery that showcases your birthstone.

Birthstone Locket

A birthstone is a widely popular term for a precious stone or crystal associated with the months of the year. Let's learn more about them in this article.







#1. Garnet for January

Garnet has many colours, but its rich deep hue makes this stone stand out. This scarlet-coloured stone has been referenced in the Bible, where a large garnet was placed in one of the middle pedestals of Noah's Ark. It was believed that the brightness of the precious stone helped illuminate the sea during the downpour, allowing the ship to travel safely amid the darkness.

Garnet is derived from the Latin word granum, which means pomegranate. It represents consistency, faith, loyalty, purity, and truth.


#2. Amethyst for February

This beautiful gemstone is usually purple, but some stones can be green. It is generally related to healing, magic, and psychic strength.

Amethyst is one of the most potent spiritual stones primarily because its purple colour resembles the head or crown chakra. This stone is believed to increase and activate psychic awareness, allowing healing power to course through one's mind and body as it reduces stress and calms the mind.


#3. Aquamarine for March

Fitting for a March baby who loves the water, aquamarine means "water of the sea." Indeed, this stone comes in refreshing deep blues and dark greens that resemble the water of the ocean.


This stone is known for its calming effect and is often a top pick for jewellery enthusiasts who love a pop of colour. Aquamarine brings the wearer courage, hope, happiness, joy, and peace.

#4. Diamond for April

Diamonds are forever, so this precious stone has been a symbol of love that's often used in engagement and wedding rings. The stone is known for its beautiful and classic sparkle and has been long established as a girl's best friend. It is an expensive symbol of commitment, balance, and faith. It is always associated with new beginnings like marriage and motherhood.


Mined diamonds range from white, pale yellow, and slightly brownish. This stone is the hardest known material that only another diamond can damage. The strength of the diamond makes it one of the fancy everyday jewellery choices because it can survive usual wear and tear without losing its sparkle.

#5. Emerald for May

For something green and mysterious, an emerald is always the top choice. This vivid green stone has something mythical and magical about it. It's thus often associated with clairvoyance, wisdom, and strength.


Wearing an emerald was believed to help a person determine if their lover's oath was true. There's also a legend that this was one of the stones that King Solomon received from God. He is said to have combined it with the other three stones to make him more powerful and wiser.

#6. Pearl for June

Classic pearl necklaces and earrings are a must-have in your jewellery collection. The pearl is a timeless precious stone representing femininity, class, friendship, and purity.


According to one myth, the first pearls came from the Goddess of Love, Venus. After shaking herself dry from the sea, the droplets from her body hardened and became pearls.

In reality, pearls come from molluscs. They're formed when tiny pieces of sand get into their shells.

#7. Ruby for July

After diamonds, rubies are the second most expensive precious stone. They boast a stunning red colour often associated with courage, power, fire, passion, and blood.

Aside from being incorporated into jewellery, ruby also has other uses. It's often built into medical instruments, watches, and lasers, primarily because of its red fluorescence and impressive strength.


#8. Peridot for August

Ideally worn during summer and spring, the peridot gives a refreshing pop of green. Known as the precious stone born in fire, this gemstone is found in volcanic rock, and the Romans often refer to it as the "evening emerald."

Meanwhile, the Greeks dubbed the peridot as a stone that lends royal dignity to its wearer, while the Egyptians believe that the gemstone comes from the sun because it can ease weariness. Today, peridot symbolises love, trust, and success.


#9. Sapphire for September

The sapphire provides a kaleidoscope of colours, from beautiful blues to pretty pink hues. Sapphires have become a symbol of royalty and are often used to attract good health and an abundance of wealth and blessings.


The French believe that when you wear the gemstone, all your negative characteristics and thoughts can be changed into something positive. Back then, warriors gave their wives necklaces with sapphires as a symbol of their commitment and faithfulness. Once the stone's colour became darker, it meant that the wearer had become unfaithful.

#10. Opal for October

One of the most extraordinary stones, the opal represents confidence, hope, and happiness. This captivating stone is called "Cupid's stone" by the Romans and is associated with love. It has claimed the name "queen of gems" since it incorporates all the colours of the other gemstones.

Considered a lucky stone, the Greeks also believed that this stone could provide the power of foresight and even prophecy to its owner.


#11. Topaz for November

Topaz has many hues, including blue, yellow, red, and green. Given that it is one of the rarest gemstones, jewellery with topaz becomes even more valuable. When you consider what it represents — faithfulness, loyalty, and friendship — it becomes the perfect birthstone for that special someone in your life.


Representing loyalty and friendship, this stone was once mistaken for diamonds. This birthstone for Scorpios is made of silicate material and usually grows in lava flows and different granite rocks.

#12. Tanzanite for December

Often mistaken for sapphire, tanzanite was discovered at Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in 1966. When you look at it closely, this stone has a purple and bluish sparkle. The popularity of this gemstone exponentially rose when Louis Comfort, the founder of Tiffany & Co, started using it in his collections.

While this African gem attracts success and prosperity, December babies may have difficulty commissioning one because it's even rarer than diamonds.



There is no better way to treat yourself or a loved one than by purchasing jewellery with birthstones. An excellent place to start is Amanda Coleman's. When you gift them to a loved one, you can put in a tiny note of appreciation and a little fact about their birthstone.

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