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Handmade Snake Hoop Earrings in 22ct Gold Vermeil


This is a pair of enchanting snake hoop earrings featuring our friend the deadly cobra! The earrings are hand crafted in the UK from sterling silver and feature the snakes trademark puffed out neck and piercing eyes made from real flush set rubies.

The earrings have intricate patterns running along the length of the snakes body, that curls around the earlobe. The earrings have a stud fitting.

These earrings are a perfect piece of jewellery for those who prefer beauty with a deadly edge!

  • Handmade in Lincoln, UK
  • Crafted in sterling silver
  • Available in 22ct gold plate with ruby eyes
  • earring measures 3cm x 2.5cm
  • stud earring fitting
  • Part of our Rosseau Botanical Jewellery Collection