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Botanical Nest Necklace With Arts And Crafts Leaf Drop

Material: 925 sterling silver with labradorite
925 sterling silver with labradorite
22ct gold plated vermeil with labradorite
925 sterling silver with ruby
22ct gold plated vermeil with ruby
925 sterling silver with kyanite
22ct gold plated vermeil with kyanite

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This is a botanical nest necklace with the addition of a stunning 'arts and crafts' style leaf drop. The inspiration for the leaf emblem comes from a lifetime of admiring the stunning wallpaper and textile designs of William Morris and the ceramics of William De Morgan, both prominent figures in the 'Arts and Crafts' movement. This is a late Victorian movement in art that championed craftsmanship and a love of the natural world.

This necklace is completley handmade in sterling silver in the UK and is available in either 22ct gold vermeil or solid sterling silver.

The leaf is handformed from silver sheet and cleverly interlocks with a cast stem giving it a 3 dimensional feel.

The oval gemstone sits in a setting resembling a silver twiggy nest. The semi-precious stone is kept in place by four tiny leaves

Choose from a magical Labradorite, the pretty pink ruby or a green kyanite stone. Green kyanite has been chosen to reflect the colours of a lush green forest and is said to aid the wearer in finding peace, tranquility and truth.

  • a perfect gift for an art and nature lover
  • sustainably handmade in the UK
  • the chain length of the necklace is 42cm and has an overall drop of 5cm and is just over 2cm at the widest point of the leaf
  • available with a choice of Kyanite (green), Ruby or Labradorite (grey with flashes of blue)
  • available in sterling silver or 22ct gold plate
  • delivered in a beautiful Amanda Coleman branded box