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Sunflower Pearl Statement Necklace


This is a Sunflower Pearl Statement Necklace, handmade in the UK in 22ct gold vermeil and adorned with white freshwater pearls.

This necklace has vintage glamour written all over it and just like the real sunflowers who's heads turn to the sun, all heads will turn to you! Each sunflower is handformed from layers of solid silver and plated with a deliciously rich 22ct gold. The necklace is the epitome of luxury and style featuring the happiest of flowers, radiating warmth and sunshine

  • sustainably handmade in the UK
  • the necklace length is 43cm
  • available in 22ct gold vermeil (a thick plating of gold onto a base of solid silver) with freshwater pearls.
  • arrives in a luxury branded gift box