Jewellery Sizing

Ring Sizes

All of our rings are available to order in British standard ring sizes.

The easiest and most accurate way to size your finger is to take a trip to your local jeweller and get them to measure it for you.

If this is not possible, this website here is rather useful - it can also convert international ring sizes into British sizes.

Necklace Sizes

The lengths of necklaces are stated in the product description for each item. The vast majority of necklaces we make are 43cm including the catch. The standard lengths for necklaces in the jewellery industry are 16" and 18". 43cm equates to around 17" and we have found that this is a good length for most people.

If you wish to have the necklace lengthened or shortened then write a note telling us the required length with your order - we will adjust the necklace free of charge.