Our Jewellery = Your treasures

Being jewellers is an amazing privilege for us. We play a role in many peoples most significant milestones in their lives. Jewellery takes on a purpose of being so much more than a piece of pretty metal with something sparkly in - it's that as well but it can also hold such a deep emotional attachment relating to the occassion it represents - wedding, anniversary, birth of a child - and the person who gave it.

Here at Amanda Coleman Jewellery, we sometimes get to hear these stories and on many occassions they have brought me to tears, happy tears, tears of realising the significance and importance our jewellery has, as I say it's a priveledge.

This priveledge is not one we take for granted. We ensure the importance and meaning that is placed upon our jewellery is well deserved through the attention to detail in the design, the craftsmanship in the making and the quality of the materials.

All of our jewellery is designed and made in our workshop in Lincoln. Amanda is a stickler for detail, never taking the easy route, driving the jewellers crazy with the amounts of components and numerous moving parts in each piece of jewellery. However it is these intricate details that gives the jewellery it's unique style and why our customers come back to us time and time again. We are blessed to have customers that can appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into our design and each piece.

Our jewellery is all made in solid silver on our premises in Lincoln. The silver is

ethically sourced from our suppliers in Birmingham - we are passionate about keeping the manufacturing in the UK, supporting British suppliers where ever possible and knowing we have ultimate control over the quality of the materials and the making.

Amanda Coleman Jewellery has been established for over 20 years now and we are eternally grateful to our loyal customers who share our values of attention to details in the design, quality of craftsmanship and materials and keeping the tradition of jewellery making alive and thriving in the UK.