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    Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Happy and Healthy


    Over the past year of lockdowns and restrictions; people have had to look for new and more pandemic friendly hobbies. One of these has been houseplants. 


    Across the country, homes have turned into jungles as people fill their spaces with plants of all shapes and sizes. Maybe you have filled every available flat surface or maybe you are the proud owner of a single spider plant. Either way, there is one problem we all run into. 


    You've surfed Etsy for the perfect decorative pot. You've spent hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect windowsill arrangement. And you most likely spent far too long deciding between those two plants with a very subtle variation. All of that, to wake up and find your little potted joy looking a bit sad and droopy. 


    That's right, that disappointment when your bright, green jungle starts to wilt around you. If it's something you find yourself feeling whenever you bring a new plant home, then these tips will be perfect for you. 


    Sykes Florist is one of the small business in lincoln that sell beautiful and well-cared for flowers. A family-run business, the florist has been established in Lincoln for more than 100 years. As they are independent of any large flower chain, they offer some truly unique plants. 


    We spoke to owner Emma who helped us with these top five tips on how to keep your houseplants happy and healthy. 


    Number 5: Always water from underneath!


    "This is a fail-safe way to water your plants, as they decide how much they want!Just stand your plastic pot (with drainage holes) in the sink or bath with a bit of water for an hour or two once a week with most leafy plants. They'll stop drinking when they've had enough! Make sure your plants have drainage holes. The best way to have your plants in pretty, decorative pots, is to have your plant in a plastic nursery pot, and set this inside your pretty pot! This has many benefits, include being able to swap pots, givingyour plant's roots some air, and preventing your plant's roots from sitting in water."

    Number 4: Think about where you are buying your plants! 


    "If your plants are cheap, they often have had less time and care put into them. Big places like supermarkets often don't look after their plants before you purchase them. Consider whether your plants have been looked after, and also how much advice you are given when you purchase! All plants should have a passport to say they have no pests or diseases, so check for this. Your plants will do much better in your home if they have been cared for properly before you buy them!" (Also, supporting independent businesses is wonderful, especially at the moment!)

    Number 3: Not all plants need a windowsill.

    "Most leafy plants find constant direct sunlight just a bit too hot! Cacti and succulents can generally cope with direct sun, but most other plants prefer indirect light (where the sun doesn't hit the leaves too much). Plant varieties vary with the amount of light needed, meaning if you've got a spot, there's probably a variety of plant which will enjoy it!"


    Number 2: Don't mist!


    "I know it's what we all see in media, but in the UK, our climate is a little different, and without the correct conditions, the mist will just sit on the leaves and not evaporate, often leaving marks on the leaves and sometimes causing new leaves to rot before they even open! This goes for most plants, so if your plant loves humidity, try it in the bathroom for steamy shower humidity!"


    Number 1: Learn your plant's water needs.

    "Often, plant parents kill their babies with kindness! Always check the soil before watering. With the majority of plants, if the soil is wet, don't water it! A plant would much rather wait an extra day or two for water than be sat in a swamp as this can cause root rot. It is always best to check your roots!"

    Of course, each plant will have its own set of needs so always be sure to speak with the florist about the plant you are buying and what it needs to survive. 



    If you already have a plant and follow these tips so your plant is healthy, why not spruce it up a little bit with a new pot? 


    ReblePlantsUK makes some wonderful distressed metal planters on their Etsy page. The one's pictures here are the 'Metal House Plant Pot'. as they make their pots by hand, each one will be unique in its own way without a loss of quality.Metal House Plant Pot from RebelplantsUK, £19.99




    If you are looking for something a bit different, All In Good Twine makes some beautiful hanging plant pots, crochet from sustainable yarn. They come in all shapes and colours are each one is hand made. What more could you ask for? 

    Maybe plants are not your thing. You love their beauty but you are not ready to have a real one just yet. Why not treat yourself to a bit of house plant-inspired jewellery instead? Jute Hanging Basket by Allingoodtwine, £19.99


    Our Monstera Leaf Hook Earrings are made from your choice of 22ct gold vermeil or 925 sterling silver and dangle and sway when you walk. Perfect for those who love house plants but what something with a little less responsibility.



    Monstera Leaf Hook Earrings by Amanda Coleman Jewellery, £34.00