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    10 Unique April Birth Flower Birthday Gift Ideas

    Although birthstones are well known and common knowledge, lesser-known is the practice of birth flowers and how they can be a source of ideas for birthday gifts. According to the language of flowers, a concept introduced to England in the 18th century by Mary Wortley Montague, flowers had meanings. The Victorians even believed that much like astrological star signs, a person would inherit the traits of the flower they were born under. Most months have two patron flowers. April, for example, has Sweet Pea and daisy allowing you to pick your favourite pair.

    Gifts based on someone's birth flower are wonderful personalised, unique gifts. They are perfect for any April birthday girl.

    Below are ten birth flower gift ideas for all budgets and preferences from small, handmade creators. In no particular order...

    Number 10: Personalised Water Colour Hanging Print By EllieEllie

    Birth Flower Water Colour Personalised Hanging Print by EllieEllie, £19

    A great addition to any sad wall in need of a splash of colour, Ellie's minimalist and sleek design would look perfect in any home.

    Designed by Ellie, these watercolour daisies draw your attention instantly. Accompanied by the flower's name and the meanings from the 18th-century flower language.

    The great thing about this product is that it not only allows you to personalise it in the form of a name but also adds the recipient's birthday. It adds that little extra touch I think. 


    Number 9: Personalised Birth Flower Gin By Ohsocherished

    Personalised Premium Crafted Birth Flower Alcohol by Oh So Cherished, £48

    We all know a Gin lover within our lives but sometimes it can feel a little impersonal to drive down to your local supermarket and pick a bottle from the shelves. oh So Cherished's personalised Gin allows you to make it just that bit more meaningful and personal without breaking the bank.

    Each bottle comes with a personalised label that is styled after Vintage products from the turn of the 1900s. 

    Each label comes with beautiful artwork of your chosen flower (for this product, they have chosen the Daisy for April) along with the birth month and name of the person you have in mind. They even offer a personalised message on the label of up to 50 characters if you wish to personalise further.

    Don't know a Gin lover? No worries, Oh So Cherished offers a wide range of alcohol so there is something for everyone.

    Number 8: Personalised Birth Flower Candle By Kindred Fires


     Birth Flower birthday Gift Birth Flower birthday Gift Personalised Candle by Kindred Fires, £

    Kindred Fires offer personalised birth flower candles. A soy wax candle with 25 hours burn time all hand-poured in their workshop in Manchester. Their pale pink botanical-themed labels and apothecary style jars give the candle a vintage but elegant look.

    Each candle comes with a personalised label that includes a name and message of your choice alongside beautiful artwork of the birth flower and its name.

    Even the scents are up for personalisation from a setlist that they offer. There are far too many to list here but for me, the Candied Pumpkin scent sounds divine.
    They even offer an upgrade on this product that includes the addition of their bath salts and a beautiful gift box.





    Number 7: Birth Flower Card By Stuart Gardiner

          Birth Flower Card April by Stuart Gardiner, £2.50

    Sometimes the simple gifts can be the most meaningful. Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a card and reading the thoughtful and meaningful message inside so it was only natural that we would add one to this list.

    Stuart Gardiner is an amazing designer who does not disappoint with this piece that includes beautiful artwork of April's flower in a Victorian style. Stuart uses the Sweet Pea for April's flower. as mentioned above, most months have two flowers associated with them. I think the flower looks beautiful within his style and bright colours make it pop against the dark background.

    Number 6: Personalised Birth Month Flower Scarf by Studio Hop


    Personalised Choose Your 'Birth Flower' Scarf by Studio Hop, £28

    It might just be getting to the warmer months but if like me you live within the UK, you'll know that it is always handy to have something warm on hand.

    These scarfs by Studio Hop are perfect to own all year round. To keep you warm during the winter or to keep the wind off your shoulders during those odd cold days we get throughout the year. They have a verity of shades to choose from and you can even add a personal message under the artwork of your April flower. You can even select and upgrade so your scarf is delivered via a gift box and comes with an infomation card all about the meaning of Daisy as a birth flower.









    Number 5: April Birthflower Seeds and Birthday Candle by Marvling Bros

    April birthflower seed and candle box by Marvling Bros, £5

    This is another simple and meaningful gift that is perfect for these times when we may not be able to see the people we buy these gifts for in person.

    This nostalgic matchbox bears the message 'Happy Birthday' and contains a beautifully presented little jar of Sweet Pea seeds, the birth flower for April.
    There is also the essential item for any birthday - a birthday candle. Turn the matchbox over to reveal 'the icing on the cake' ready for the lucky recipient to place the candle, light it up, and blow it out to make the traditional birthday wish.



    Number 4: Wooden Birth Flower Birthday Gift by Bluebell Wood Designs UK

    Wooden birth month flower hand painted by Bluebellwooddesignuk, £11.99 bluebellwooddesignuk


    What is better than a flower from that special someone? A flower that lasts forever. At Bluebell Designs they have achieved just that with their wooden Daisy.
    This product is all handmade and handpainted here in the UK. Each stem is laser cut 3mm birch plywood painted with inks and acrylic paints. each flower comes with a wooden box vase with the month and flower name on the side.

    Number 3: Country Garden Hoop Necklace By Amanda Coleman Jewellery

    Country Garden Hoop Necklace by Amanda Coleman Jewellery, £134

    We couldn't do a list like this without mentioning one of our most popular products, the 'Country Garden Hoop' necklace. It is perfect for a list like this as it incorporates both birth flowers for April, the Daisy, and Sweet Pea.

    The Sweet Pea and Daisy are made from 925 sterling silver with 22ct gold vermeil features. The flowers have a little bumblebee and Butterfly attached, also made out of 22ct gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver. Little pink Rhodochrosite hangs from the sweet pea. All of this is attached to a sterling silver hoop pendant.

    This necklace, just like all the other wonderful things mentioned in this post, would make the perfect birth flower gift for that person you care about in your life.

    Number 2: Sweet Pea Necklace by Amanda Coleman

    Sweet Pea Necklace by Amanda Coleman Jewellery, £62

    Another one of our popular pieces is our Sweet Pea Necklace. A 925 sterling silver Sweet pea leafs is crowned by three silver flowers. A 22ct gold vermeil pea pod hands freely from the leaves. Pale pink rhodochrosite beads add a pop of color as they catch the light as you walk.

    But if a necklace isn't what you are looking for...


    Number 1: Sweet Pea Earrings by Amanda Coleman

    Sweet Pea Earrings by Amanda Coleman Jewellery, £84

    We also do a pair of sweet pea drop earrings. Just like the necklace, these earrings are made from 925 sterling silver Sweet pea leaves are crowned by three silver flowers. A 22ct gold vermeil pea pod hands freely from the leaves. Pale pink rhodochrosite beads add a pop of colour. Thanks to them being drop earrings, these will gently sway as you walk. 


    So there you have it!   Ten wonderful unique birth flower gifts for April birthdays. 


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