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    Pretty Kitty Collection has landed - on it's feet of course!

    Cats have been far and beyond the most requested theme for a collection over the last few years. I was a little wary about approaching this theme... I am a 'Cat person' not quite a crazy cat woman (my husband keeps this in check... we haven't gone over the limit of two and I satisfy my kitty cravings with videos on youtube)

    There is something about a cats cool, charismatic character that I was a little unsure could be captured in the form of metal without them becoming caricatures. It was a holiday romance with a couple of cats on a Greek island this Summer that made me think 'I must do this' and so our 'Pretty Kitty Collection' was born.

    It's an opportune time to come out of the Kitty closet with the return of the live action film of 'Cats' to the big screens in the Autumn. I can't wait to see Idris Elba purrrrrr... It seems there has been no better time to embrace the 'crazy, cat woman' that I know we all have within us!