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    5 beautiful and stylish flower earring designs that you will fall in love with

    Five beautiful and stylish flower earring designs that you will fall in love with!

    Who doesn't love a little touch of palm leaves, ferns, or twigs in their jewellery collection?

    Thesenature-inspired earrings are a staple for all jewellery lovers; and, it seems logical why we love to decorate our dresses and accessories with these tiny, delicate, and cute flowers & fauna jewellery.

    There is nothing more beautiful than flower earrings to compliment your outfit irrespective of the season. Every girl loves to dangle these delicate earrings. Such over-the-top designs available online are to die for as elegant flower earrings take you in the lap of nature.

    A reminder of the spring season, the flower earrings bloom to their full glow showing a delicate daisy or shining daffodil sitting on your ear. The graceful shine of sterling silver adds a polished touch to your outfit.

    Looking at the popularity and love for flower earring designs, we have curated some exquisite designs to make you fall in love with the range.


    A symbol of true love- Almond Blossom

    Our ancestors have always admired the blooming season, where flowers bloom to their full glow and new branches come alive. Perhaps, this was a reason why Spring is admired so much and considered the birth/rebirth or resurrection in the life cycle.

    Van Gogh, a famous artist's favorite subject to draw, was the branches of almond blossoms under a light blue sky. The almond blossom branches swing to their full capabilities to mark the beginning of a new life.

    Inspired by many of his paintings, the delicate flowers of almond blossoms are designed to perfect detailing. With dark oxidized tree branches and beautiful silver petals, these earrings cherish beauty. The gold-plated stamen and tiny pink rhodochrosite beads further add to a perfect look.

    The beauty of nature- Waterlily

    The vitality and charisma of beautiful water lily earrings are inevitable. Known to be the birth flower of July borns, these water lilies are considered a mild form of purity in freshwater. This summer flower is inspired by the beauty of nature and holds an eye-catching bloom of unique-shaped leaves.

    This collection is all about the perfect detailings with accents of colorful semi-precious beads. The freshwater flower is a classical piece that compliments your daywear as well as evening dresses. Also, gift wrap these delicate blooms to surprise your precious person.

    Rejuvenate yourselves with Daffodils

    Daffodils, blooming to their glory, are the heart of the spring season. . These daffodil flowers are an excellent reminder of a season that brings new joy and freshness to life. Hence, the daffodil collection is a fine selection of  elegant yet quirky vibesto fill in your attire. 

    Celebrate the uniqueness of spring with a gold-plated stamen surrounded by sterling silver on the outside. Beautifully designed miniature daffodil earrings are a perfect gift for special occasions.

    Palm Leaves collection- tropical, holy, and exotic

    The most beautiful range of jewellery is the palm leaves collection that depicts the beauty of these miniature designs to their fullest. Moreover,  how can we forget the strong holy significance of these palm leaves? This itself makes it even more important for us to include these palm leaves earrings in our collection. 

    These unusual palm leaves earrings are made with sterling silver and gold vermeil. Carry these exotic earrings to your exotic holiday destinations and flaunt them in style. The earrings are a perfect match for an everyday look.


    Bloom to happiness- Dahlia 

    Dahlia flowers aresummer-blooming flowers and symbolize inner strength, elegance, and creativity. One can witness the intricate designs of the flower beautifully crafted in the silver earrings. It looks elegant and very stylish for night parties or special occasions.

    You can enjoy the subtleness of classical designs as well as some vintage-inspired details. Inspired by the boldest flower in our garden, this dahlia collection holds the true essence of minimalist jewellery.

    Mesmerising designs inspired by flowers

    Flower jewellery is an ode to art. The versatile pieces of artwork are suitable for all kinds of occasions. Its design and authenticity lend a personalized touch that makes it beautiful and unique to compliment your style.

    The cherry-on-the-cake is sterling silver used to design our jewellery collection. Sterling silver is a durable and sturdy material and imparts its shine to all the pieces. Hence, let your earrings take center stage in occasional gatherings and leave your friends mesmerised at the beauty.